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February 28, 2021

peloton biker shorts outfit

So you roll out of bed, grab that cuppa Joe, and eagerly meet your wake-up call. But, while your heart aches for the familiar sights and sounds of Equinox and Barry’s Bootcamp, you’ve accepted your new reality. Instead, you hop on your reliable Peloton bike to get your blood pumping. Your stay-at-home “normal” now means still crushing your goals, but doing it virtually, alone-together, with your newfound besties of Peloton. (That commute though, now there’s the silver lining). This new normal certainly has its challenges. Just staying focused on our fitness and moving our bodies is both challenging and commendable.

Did you know that the simple act of elevating your workout ensemble can actually change the way you work out (and the way you feel about your workout)? Motivation comes from within, of course, but never count out the motivation that a new and stylish pair of biker shorts or leggings will give you. New clothes - no thank you, said nobody. It feels good to refresh the old wardrobe and it feels particularly refreshing to treat yourself to all the new-new for your quarantine Peloton rides that most certainly lie ahead. (Ok, so word has it that the trusted groundhog saw his shadow).

While leggings are still the king of activewear for any activity which includes things that aren’t really fitness activities at all - unless you count Starbucks-coffee-sipping a calorie torching activity which actually I do (call it a low impact activity if you must), I would challenge you to try the 8 inch biker short that will keep you covered (think - no chafing) and moving freely. It’s a long enough length to avoid the biker rub, but still short enough to look super cute and stylish. The tall waistband and light compression keeps you tucked in, sucked in, and lifted in all the right places. And they are breathable and sweat wicking too, so you won’t feel like you’re sitting in your kid’s wet diaper - yuck yeah.

And there are lots of coordinating tops to complete your look. Going for the matchy-matchy or mixy-matchy crop top biker short set is the trendiest look on the streets of every city and every trail these days. So when you trade in your Peloton bike for your roadie this Spring, you will be way ahead of the curve (pun intended).

Biker Shorts + Peloton = Wardrobe Must-Haves

●  High Waistband = No rolling down, no pulling up, and no distractions.
●  Perfect Compression = Keeps you sucked in, tucked in, and lifted.
●  Perfect Length = Cute and stylish while covers your legs to avoid chafing.
●  Four-Way Stretch = Move freely.
●  Breathable Fabric = Comfy, cool and sweat wicking.
●  Stylish = Look good and stay motivated.
●  Matching Sets = Fashionable and trendy.
●  Fun Patterns and Solids = Be matchy-matchy or mixy-matchy or both.

    Check out our new Spring Collection where you will find lots of cheerful patterns, colors, and neutrals where you will find an array of 5 and 8 inch biker shorts, tops, leggings, and skorts that will keep you both comfy, cute and stylish.

    Stay Tuned​:
    Let’s check in with our expert about ways to keep you feeling energized and staying motivated on your Peloton ride.

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