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Life at Lavaloka headquarters
Amy at Lavaloka Headquarters.

Hello beautiful people. I am super excited to be bringing to you LAVALOKA, a high quality, edgy, and playful activewear line that will energize both your wardrobe and your workout. LAVALOKA is a Maryland based company that organically evolved from a wild love of some serious hot yoga pants and ultimately, a deep desire to share the joy. Our sincere mission is to make you a proud and happy member of the LAVALOKA community. Nothing less.

Our gorgeous, vibrant, and unique patterned leggings are crazy fun, spicy, and comfy! I know you take your workout seriously (me, too!), but that doesn’t mean your workout clothing can’t be killer and fearless. Working out isn’t easy and for me, feeling great about my gym swag gives me the little push I need to really get inspired and bring the sass to my sweat sesh. LAVALOKA is your gateway to stylish, trendy, boundary-pushing activewear. 

My fitness journey began in earnest several years ago. I committed to taking control of a few things in my life like my exercise habits, my diet, and of course, my gym attire. “One foot in front of the other” was my mantra- just be consistent, work hard, have a good time, and be kind. And this is when I chose to really fire up the wardrobe. After a year or so into my obsession, I decided to spread that love to my friends and gym buddies and this is where the business began. Since its inception, I have been inspired by the people I have been fortunate to meet and the ideas we have shared. LAVALOKA inspires freedom of expression and is rooted in kindness, tolerance, and empathy. The world is a beautiful and colorful place. Live it….. Join us and get a little LOKA.



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